Unleash the power of your data and turn it into actionable insights.
Build and share a fully customized and powerful dashboards using
our interactive built-in charts and KPIs in just couple of minutes.

Self Service BI Platform

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Build and share a fully customized and powerful
dashboards using our interactive built-in charts
and KPIs in just couple of minutes.

Turn Raw Data into Remarkable Revenue

Simplify your data, discover its hidden insights and generate the best outcome by taking confident business decisions.

Data Consolidation

Consolidate all your internal/external data sources, present them at one place, and analyze them as a single source.

Data Visualization

Visualize your raw data through our interactive and responsive dashboards, and discover their hidden values anywhere, anytime.

ChatGPT Analysis

Perform ad-hoc analysis on your data using natural language and leveraging ChatGPT powerful model and interface

Team Collaboration

Share your dashboards and reports securely with your team and coordinate together to take the best business decisions.


Get and blend data from multiple sources

Build a central dashboard that reads live data from multiple data sources and analyze all your data at one place.

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your internal/external data sources and explore up-to-date data through our smart data extraction engine.

Data Centralization

Gather all your data sources at one place and treat them as if they have a common source and structure.

What is NativeBI?

NativeBI is a powerful self service BI platform that empowers the business leaders of an organization to visualize, study and analyze all the entity's data at one place through interactive dashboards and KPIs.

  • Self Service Platform
  • Powerful Built-in Charts
  • Responsive Dashboards
  • ChatGPT Analysis
  • Seamless Integration
  • Dashboard Collaboration
How it works

How Does NativeBI Works

Connect to data sources

NativeBI integrates with major relational databases, spreadsheets, REST APIs, and cloud data sources.

Build dashboards and reports

Build interactive dashboards and reports that read up-to-date data from several data sources at the same time.

Generate Insights

Analyze your data through ChatGPT-like interface, generate actionable insights and share them securely with your team.

Get Notifications

Define your custom business rules and get notified when your data changes and any of these rules match.


Everything You Need to
Bring Your Data Together

Interactive Dashboards

Build interactive dashboards using our responsive widgets, we've got a couple of stylish widgets for any type of data you encounter.

Responsive Design

NativeBI works perfectly on any device with an outstanding interface and straightforward user experience. You can connect to a data source, build dashboards and share them in just couple of steps.

Ad-hoc ChatGPT Analysis

Perform ad-hoc analysis using natural language on top ChatGPT powerful model and interface

Unlimited Viewers

You can allow unlimited number of users in your organization to view dashboards and reports shared by analysts on NativeBI without any extra cost.

Flexible Subscription Plans

Our subscription plans are designed to fit companies of any size ranging from startup to mid-range and large companies. We are always open to discuss customized plans and on-premise deployments.

Easy to Customize

NativeBI is built with a highly scalable and maintainable architecture that makes it open for complex client customizations at minimal costs.

Supported Data Sources

NativeBI works with your datasource...